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48 Hour Film Challenge



In 2020, intoBodmin held the first ever Bodmin in Motion 48 Hour Film Challenge, where we invited teams of any size, ability or experience to submit a three minute film, planned, shot and edited in just 48 hours.

Registration for 2021 is not yet open, but watch the 2020 entries on our YouTube playlist, and check back here or join our mailing list to keep up to dates with announcements. 

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Are you up to the challenge?

When registration opens, you will need to register your team by the deadline, then collect the brief ahead of a 48 hour filmmaking frenzy over one weekend. (Dates are to be announced). You don’t need specialist equipment or training, anyone with a camera or smartphone, a creative streak and a passion for filmmaking can take part.

Complete the challenge and deliver the brief, and your film could be screened at a special event at The Old Library. 

How It Works

  1. Gather a filmmaking team – all ranges of ability welcome.

  2. Register your team to enter via the intoBodmin website by the deadline.

  3. Collect the brief from The Old Library on the Launch date (don’t forget to sign the release form, or your team won’t be entered!).

  4. You have 48 hours to create a 3-minute film to fit the brief. Read it carefully!

  5. Submit your film by the deadline, on a memory stick/flash drive or online via We Transfer.

  6. Films will be screened at a special event in The Old Library.

The Rules

Your Team

  • Teams of any level of ability or experience are welcomed.

  • Teams can be any size, keeping in mind the aspects of filmmaking that need to be employed during the weekend.  

  • Each team must include at least one member who is over 18.

  • Each team must have a team name and a designated team leader, who will act as main point of contact.

  • Teams must register by the deadline.


Your Film

  1. The finished film may be no longer than 3 minutes including credits.

  2. Films must be written, shot, and edited within the 48-hour deadline.

  3. Films must be based on the criteria in the assignment brief, which you may collect from The Old Library on the challenge launch date.

  4. All the creative/technical work must take place in the 48 hour time period.

  5. Prior to receiving the brief, you may only organise cast and crew (the team), arrange for and gather equipment, and scout for possible locations.

  6. Teams are welcome to submit entries filmed/edited on smartphones and/or any other technical equipment – as long as the quality is up to standard, and the file is submitted in the correct format, as specified in the guidelines below.

  7. There are laws about filming in public locations, so make sure you have proper permission to film in locations you find. intoBodmin will not be responsible for any infringement of local laws.

  8. Stock footage or footage shot/created outside of the 48 hours cannot be used.

  9. Animation and special effects can be used but must be created within the 48 hours.

  10. Any music used in the film should be cleared for use. You must provide proof that you have the rights to use any pre-recorded music.

  11. Appropriate credits must be added to your film, and must be included in the three minute running time.  

  12. Films must be suitable for audiences of 12+. We reserve the right disqualify entries if they’re considered inappropriate for this audience.

  13. All production costs must be paid for by the team. The team must provide or hire their own equipment.  

  14. Films must not be uploaded online or be included in any public screenings before the 48 hour film challenge screening.

  15. Teams that fail to submit their film in the format specified in the brief risk being excluded from the screening.

The Launch

  1. Assignment briefs will be given out between set hours (usually 5pm and 8pm) on the launch date at The Old Library.

  2. All team members must sign the relevant release forms, preferably on collection of the brief.

  3. The film must be submitted between the specified time (usually 5pm and 8pm on the Sunday of the challenge) at The Old Library or online via We Transfer, with prior notice.

  4. Films that are submitted after the cut-off time will not be considered for the screening.

Everything Else…

  1. The team agrees to follow all rules and accept all decisions made by intoBodmin. intoBodmin can disqualify teams who do not follow the rules. All decisions are final.

  2. intoBodmin cannot be held responsible for any injury or damage to any persons or property that may be sustained during the production of your film. We recommend that each team take out the relevant insurances and public liability cover for their production.

  3. intoBodmin takes no responsibility for teams who infringe copyright.

  4. Any films deemed unsuitable for screening, for whatever reason, may be withheld from the screening.

  5. All films submitted as part of the 48 Hour Film Challenge may be hosted online and intoBodmin retains the right to screen/distribute the film in the future as well as to use stills from the film for future publicity. (Please ensure you have included all relevant credits in your film prior to submission).

  6. intoBodmin retains the right to add their logo, and any partner/sponsors logos, to films which are included in the final screening.

If you have any questions please get in touch. 



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