BodMAXX is a new Arts Council funded project by intoBodmin aimed at developing fun, positive and creative projects for the people of Bodmin.

We have a large space on Fore St opposite Wetherspoons which is our base of operations and also a resource for community groups and individuals to make use of.

Projects currently under development that need volunteers are:

Roots and Roots : Mobile Sound Studio
  • A mobile sound and mapping studio, on a trolley, will be walked round Bodmin mapping routes and collecting stories from people we meet along the way.

Routes and Roots : Sound Map
  • From wandering around Bodmin, listening to the stories of individuals along the way, a map

    illustrating the rich history of Bodmin will emerge. This map will document individual accounts of the routes people took to get here, linking their story to their ancestral roots . The map will also capture what drew them to Bodmin or made them want to stay here. This map will be be available on line and can also be engaged with in the Bodmaxx Space.

Pop Up VR Drawing Studio


Samhain Halloween Event
  • A costumed parade up to the Beacon where people write a note of things they’d like to banish for the winter (worries, bad habits) and burn it in a community fire. They’ll be spooky festivities, music and warm drinks for all to celebrate this new tradition– the event will draw on the traditional pagan Cornish history of the Samhain Festival.


Stongest Bod
  • A strength competion based around dragging a symbolic hunk of granite up a hill in the fastest time!

The Creative Team


Holly Lovelock

Holly Lovelock is an emerging creative producer, theatre maker and facilitator based in Bodmin. She has professional experience of working in community and educational contexts, with a specific interest in socially engaged practice. 


She’s inspired by theatre that is transformative (both personally and socially) and wants to pursue her dream of creating and producing work in this field - all in the glorious landscape of her home county. 


Holly has worked and collaborated with organisations like the Hall for Cornwall, Doorstep Arts, Magic Carpet, Coppice Theatre and is a now member of A Thing or Two Theatre Company. She’s now incredibly excited to embark on this community project with IntoBodmin. 

ATBT Hedeghog.jpg

Greg McLaren

Coming Greg is an artist and performer.  He loves to bring people together with music, big events, or a quiet word. Big hits have been seen at National Portrait Gallery, Soho Theatre, British Library, Science Museum and English National Opera among others. From 2008 - 2015 he led Stoke Newington International Airport, an arts company with a focus on interactive and immersive theatre, art and music. He likes to mess about, but he’s also very serious.soon...

bec beach side below.jpg

Becalelis Brodskis

My love for doodling, drawing and listening to people turned into the making  of animations and documentaries. Before making films I was a traditional stonecarver. Born 1968 in London then bought up moving across Europe and Morocco.  In 2009 I moved to Cornwall and  became interested in the symbolism of climbing and digging. Here, with my children, I have begun to lay some roots.


My  films received international acclaim at prestigious festivals such as Sundance,  Annecy and Oberhausen. With a love for helping other people bring their ideas to life I have taught and led departments at leading universities and delivered interdisciplinary creative workshops, outside of formal education, in the UK, Europe, Africa and South America.

In 2015 I produced Re-Imagine Your Town, one of the first community mapping projects that incorporated game engine technology, lidar data and VR to enable residents to create their own interactive map of their town. This led to a PhD research with Transtechnlogy at Pymouth University.


The research is about the unsaid political agenda of mapping and forms of community consultation which often fail to include marginalised voices. My aim is to address this through a creative use of mapping, that includes the real and imagined landscape,  for communities to visualise and express their sense of place.