We love projects that get people being creative, maybe trying something new and contributing to something that brings us closer together. We hope that The Lockdown Patchwork will do just that. We've partnered up with mental health organisation Pentreath and teachers and students at Bodmin College to help make this project happen. It is open and accessible to all and should be easy to take part in for both experienced artists and doodlers alike. The end goal is to create a large patchwork of squares that represent how people in Bodmin felt during the COVID-19 crisis, which can be put on public display. There are downloadable instructions and example videos on this page, but the basic, simple steps are:
1. Find an old piece of fabric - a shirt, a sheet, a teatowel, a tote bag, even a bag-for-life will work anything that can be sewn together.
2. Cut out a 17cm square (15cm for your work, 2cm border that we'll use when sewing them together)
3. Use the square to portray how you've felt in lockdown, what gave you hope, what brought you down, what has been your saviour, what has been your nemesis - you could paint, stitch, write poetry, colour, tie-dye... Don't use glue to stick things on (they're likely to fall off eventually) and don't create anything that someone else might find offensive - it won't be included in the patchwork.
4. When you've done it, share a photo on our Facebook page if you'd like to, then write your name and postcode on the back, pop it in an envelope and send it to this Freepost address, by 19th July 2020:


The Lockdown Patchwork


Pentreath Ltd

St Enoder Barns

Glebe Farm





5. We will gather all the pieces and stitch them together to make a giant wall hanging patchwork, which will be on public display. Make sure you return your square by the 19th July deadline to make sure it is included.

Patchwork Instructions.jpg