all the beautiful things… oll an taklow teg…

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A journey through Bodmin from the Beacon to the church.

It starts with clouds and sky and wind. Then steeply down past views of green. The primary school, the old library, and the Burgage Plots. Past the trades being made, the hair being styled, and the meetings held. From the bull’s heads to the Turret Clock, the fossils in the walls to the gargoyles on the well, through the years of dancing, music and dreaming.

Artist group Blind Ditch are inviting Bodmin residents to add your voice to the film and exhibition project all the beautiful things… oll an teklow teg...happening at St Petroc’s Church as part of intoBodmin’s Into Everywhere Festival taking place on the 16th-24th May, 2020.

Postcards are appearing around Bodmin that invite you to walk the journey from the Beacon to the church (or vice versa) and participate in some easy writing and drawing activities along the way.

The activities can be done by any age group, and the writings and drawings that you contribute will find their way into the script of a short film and be displayed in the exhibition at St Petroc's. There are 10 different activities, and you can find the cards at The Old Library, St Petroc's Church, Shire Hall Tourist Information, the Library at Chy Trevail, Huckleberry's, McCauley's Barbers, VK1 Hairdressers, Jai the Jewellers, Martin and Budge, the Mad Hatter Cafe, and KBSK performing arts.

Find out more about Blind Ditch and their work at

'all the beautiful things...' IDEAS GATHERING DROP-IN Weds 18th March | 5pm-9pm | The Old Library | FREE

Artist group Blind Ditch are running a film and exhibition project called ‘all the beautiful things…' (oll an teklow teg...) as part of the Into Everywhere Festival in May. They would love to include you, and are inviting local people to join them in planning the project, offering ideas, and helping out with different aspects of the film making - including appearing in it! Come along and find out more. There will maps, old videos, drawings, writings, sign-up sheets and snacks for inspiration!