Bodmin Rides Again!

The team at intoBodmin are thrilled to announce our latest project, Bodmin Rides Again! which will see us working alongside the Bodmin Riding & Heritage Festival. We'll be getting the community involved in activities and events to learn about and celebrate Bodmin’s rich and unique history.

We've recently been awarded funding through National Lottery Heritage Fund to run a series of activities in Bodmin over the next six months. With Bodmin Rides Again! we aim to help the Bodmin Riding Festival celebrate the rich, diverse heritage of one of Cornwall’s oldest towns.

The Bodmin Riding Festival takes place annually on the first weekend of July and is one of Cornwall’s oldest festivals, with ancient traditions continued until this day. Within living memory, the entire town would mobilise to bring its story to life through the arts, horse-mounted processions, re-enactments and sports. After a break in 2018, a new committee, the ‘Busy Rebels’, came together and in 2019 a pilot festival resurrected some of the traditions and showed that, with an extended programme and renewed energy, new life could be breathed into the festival and once again place heritage at the heart of Bodmin’s community. Find out more about Bodmin Riding & Heritage Festival here, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

There will be three strands of the project running in the lead up to the festival:

An Oral History Project where participants will learn to interview, record and transcribe people’s stories and gather memories of Bodmin Riding and Heritage Festivals of the past.

The Bodmin Story Patchwork/Tapestry created by up to 100 community groups and individuals, who will produce sections of a textile design highlighting Bodmin’s historic events, which will be displayed in St Petroc’s Church over the festival weekend.

A series of workshops designed to engage visitors and locals in the town’s cultural traditions, such as dancing, music, wrestling, flower identification and Cornish language.

We're welcoming Liz Wright to the intoBodmin team as our new Outreach Officer for the Bodmin Rides Again! Project. Liz said ‘This project is really exciting for us as an organisation and for our partners, Bodmin Riding Festival. We are really looking forward to bringing Bodmin’s rich and vibrant history to the wider community and to those who may not currently have an interest in heritage.”

Stay tuned to our newsletter or social media channels to find out more about the project, and get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

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