Community Christmas at The Old Library

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Christmas Day | Weds 25th Dec | 10am–3pm | Free | all welcome

The Old Library is opening its doors on Christmas Day for a very special event. Anyone, and absolutely everyone, is invited to come together and be merry, enjoy food and drink - all free of charge at this festive Feast of Bodmin event.

intoBodmin’s Feast of Bodmin events are designed to bring people together, to experience new things and share cultural experiences in various and different ways.

Sophie Hodge, Marketing & Outreach manager at intoBodmin, said “Like many people, I struggle with Christmas, and each year I find myself stressing and complaining my way through the season. I realised that there are many people who would love to enjoy the Christmas I have but are unable to for various reasons. It seemed obvious to me that I should volunteer my time and give the gift of Christmas to someone who might enjoy it more than I do.”

Sophie continued: “We know there are people, such as carers, farmers and members of the emergency services for example, who are working on Christmas day and might not get to celebrate with loved ones. There are also many people who are socially isolated, whose friends and family will be distant, or those who don’t celebrate Christmas at all. There may be people who won’t be able to afford to celebrate Christmas in a special way this year – or there might be people who just want to drop in and spread some cheer. This event really is for everyone in the community, no matter what their circumstances, race, or religion – we want to bring people together to celebrate our community with food and drink on the 25th December.”

The doors will be open between 10am and 3pm on Christmas day, and anyone is welcome to drop in or stay for as long as they like. There will be a buffet, drinks and small gifts for children, all free of charge.

We've had a really positive reaction to this event, with a heartwarming amount of offers of help and donations to make the day extra special. We're still looking for a few items, so if you can help, please do get in touch.

The wonderful people and organisations who have offered donations are as follows:

Karen Ouzman

Su Main

Patricia Hodge

Hannah Mogford

John Macneill

Carolyn Cooper

Jan Wallis

Becca Davis

David and Hilary Platten

Sam Burley Williams

Cummings of Bodmin

Proper Cornish / Furniss

Celtic Produce

Little Wrens


Saputo / Cathedral City

Helen's Homeade Cake Creations - Helen Gillet

Malcolm Barnecutts Bakeries Ltd.