NARRATIVE | Art Exhibition

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The Old Library | Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays | 4th-27th February | 12pm-4pm

intoBodmin presents –

NARRATIVE: An exhibition of the works of Ashley Hanson and Merran Coleman.

NARRATIVE is the first art exhibition at The Old Library and features works by two talented, Cornwall-based artists, Ashley Hanson and Merran Coleman, who both find inspiration in the landscape of Cornwall. The exhibition, which spans two ground floor rooms of The Old Library, is open to the public each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, between 12pm and 4pm from the 4th until the 27th February.

About The Artists:

Ashley Hanson and his young family left London for Cornwall, to be close to the coastal landscape that continued to inspire his work, and in 2014, Ashley was elected a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. Since 2011, Ashley has been working on the ‘City of Glass' series, inspired by ‘The New York Trilogy’, a novel by Paul Auster. Ashley says "It is thrilling to be working from another artform, combining images sourced from narrative and text with memories of my own experience of New York. As a painter I can relate to Auster’s striking imagery and complex layerings of identity and truth and his acknowledgement and explorations of chance." Author Paul Auster responded to Ashley's work:

“Incredibly moved by your magnificent paintings. They are strong and beautiful -- and haunting. To think that my book could have inspired such vivid colors. I am very happy.”

In 2018, Ashley began a new series '20 Books=20 paintings', inspired by crime-novels from around the world, whose identity will remain secret until the series is complete.

“In all my work, I am intrigued by the impact of image on the flat, map-like, painter’s space, and the dialogue and tension between the different realities of information and imagination - between what inspires and drives the paintings and the uncertainties and excitement of the painting process. As an artist I crave/need surprise, not sameness: it is what you ‘do’ with the source material that matters, a piece must be its own thing, have its’ own life. Journeys, places, books, music, all generate ideas, providing catalyst and context, and colour always excites, but until it is resolved, a painting is a live thing, full of possibilities."

Merran Coleman tells stories through the medium of pen and ink on paper, and his work explores and is inspired by Cornish culture and history.

Merran says: "My drawings are a window into a dreamlike world that is populated by strange creatures and characters. It is a vision of a natural world, unspoilt by modern technology. Full of memory and magic.