Sponsorship Opportunities

Would you like to get involved in some fantastic sponsorship opportunities to help support intoBodmin's work this year?

We've got two special, time-sensitive opportunites to sponsor resources as part of the projects we're running, and we need your help to make them happen!

We need to get sponsorships in place by Monday 4th March for the following projects:

The Words in Woods Short Stories Anthology

We’d like to publish the 6 winners of the current short story competition ‘Into The Woods’ and we're looking for a community minded business or individual to sponsor the cost of printing 100 books. A copy of the book will be given to the winners and a book will be donated to each of the primary schools in Bodmin. Sales of these books during the Words in Woods Festival will go toward the current Old Library Founding Supporters campaign. We are looking for sponsorship in the region of £300 to cover these costs. You will have your name on the cover of the book and space on the back for a description of your business or cause, plus a family ticket to the Words in Woods festival.

The intoBodmin Summer Brochure

As we come to design our next print publicity (April-June), we realise that we have more than twice the amount of events planned that we had for January-March, so we’re planning an 8 page brochure to showcase the events we're running in The Old Library and beyond. we're looking for a sponsor to cover the costs of printing 2000 copies of the brochure, which our fantastic volunteer network will distribute across the town. It will cost £500, and you will get a full page to promote your business or cause, plus 4 tickets to an intoBodmin event an the Old Library.

If you'd like to take up one or both of these opportunities, please get in touch:

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