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We’re nearing the end of the run of our winter show and second collaboration with Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre, Oh No It Isn’t! This year's show follows Ha-Hum-Theatre's A Dickensian Christmas, which set an incredibly high standard for our collaborative winter productions - however, Oh No It Isn't! has recently earned itself a glowing 5 star review, saying " This is skilful play-making of a high order" and "If I laugh this much at any full blown pantomimes this year, then I will be most surprised. As entertainment goes – with depth to it – then you will not get better than this. Rush to Bodmin before it’s too late." (Read the full review here!)

Meet the Director: Ben Kernow

So we caught up with Ben Kernow, Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre’s Artistic Director, and talented local theatre maker to find out what motivates him to make excellent theatre in a small Cornish town...

Ben said:

“Growing up on a small farm outside Boscastle I was always baffled that there wasn't any theatre made locally in North Cornwall. However over the past few years a fantastic group of people and organisations are trying to change that and to be part of that change is great. Being able to create the theatre I never had access to growing up feels special, and the work being carried out by intoBodmin is truly exciting.

Being able to make theatre in my home of North Cornwall is a huge privilege and joy. However I can not make it without the support of audiences. Theatre at its most basic is someone telling a story to another person, aside from that basic principle, the rule book is out there as to what you can do. As a result I believe live theatre is something that will always be exciting and vibrant.

The experience of live theatre, and locally made live theatre at that, is something I don't think you can beat, which is why it's vital that audiences support it. As the old saying goes if you don't use it, you'll lose it.

Like all great movements, intoBodmin and their projects need support. So grab your loud haler and banner or just take to twitter and Facebook and help spread the word, it really does make the difference!”

Our Fin Irwin, Director of intoBodmin, said:

"It’s been wonderful to be working with such a talented theatre maker again. Ben works so hard to create these shows, from the poster design, to shooting a trailer, directing and then every night operating the sound and lights. He’s doing this because he cares deeply about the quality of the show, and passionately that he has created a show that is of the highest quality.

Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre secured only a fraction of the funding that they had for A Dickensian Christmas, which in part is why Ben is putting in so much blood sweat and tears, so it’s vital that the future of this partnership is maintained by the dedication and intrepid passion of our audiences.

Oh No It Isn’t! is a fantastic piece of theatre, fusing the highest quality singing, dancing and panto daming with a very real, dramatic and at times tragic story. We are privileged to have work of this calibre in Bodmin and I would encourage everyone to come and see it."

You can support intoBodmin and Ben's work with Ha-Hum-Ah Theatre AND do your bit to support home-grown theatre by buying a ticket to Oh No It Isn’t! here, by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or signing up to their newsletters.

Oh No It Isn't runs until the 22nd December at Bodmin's The Old Library. Tickets are £10 (std), £8 (conc) and £5 (under 18). Find out more, here, or watch the trailer below.