The Second Occasional Newsletter

The second instalment of our occasional newsletter...

So, things are busy at intoBodmin. I'm afraid there's no Old Library announcement yet, but the issue that had been holding us up has now been resolved and we're hoping we can get the lease agreed in the near future. We have received a grant from Awards for All and another from Cultivator which will help us to kit out the venue and cafe when we get in - so that's great news! We've also secured alternative venues for A Pint Sized Conversation next month. We'll be doing a mini tour of Bodmin taking the show to The Mason's Arms, The Beehive and Hole in the Wall. Details below. 

There have been a few occasions recently where I've tried to reel off all the projects and ideas that intoBodmin is trying to get off the ground. So I decided to write them all down. There are 16 things listed in various stages of development. If you're interested, click here to read more. There may be things you feel you can help with or get involved on...

Finally, thanks to everyone who came to The Cause last week. We had a really good turn out and some excellent feed back, including this from Joy Bassett:

“I love the theatre so it was a real treat to be able to see a play in a local venue. And what a venue! The Theatre in the Callywith is a proper theatre, not just chairs set out in a hall. It’s very comfortable and easily accessible for everyone.  The play itself was excellent and very timely as 2018 celebrates a 100 years of votes for woman, but it also coincided with the unveiling of the statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square! Dreadnought Theatre’s ability for creative story telling proved to be a great choice. The inspiring conversation between Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett gave great insight into the challenges they each faced and left me asking myself, “How far would I go for what I believe in?"

In short - if you weren't there, you missed out! But if you're keen to see it, it's still on tour and there are other Cornwall dates.

Below are the upcoming events intoBodmin is putting on and promoting. Hopefully our next newsletter will be a call to paint brushes as we march on the Old Library, but until then, we'll see you at these next events.

Best wishes Fin Irwin Director, intoBodmin

BODMIN IN MOTION - FILM FESTIVAL Friday 18th, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May | 7pm All tickets £6

Expect unusual screenings in unusual spaces. Think NT Live but not live. We're screening pre-recorded theatre shows in venues that resonate with their themes: York Theatre's production of The Railway Children in a railway carriage at Bodmin & Wenford Railway; Maxine Peake in Manchester's Royal Exchange's Hamlet at St Lawrence's Church (that once served the psychiatric hospital) and Streetwise Opera's The Passion in St Petroc's Church!