This New Old Library Venture | Ian Tucker

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

It seems that our messages of community spirit and positivity are spreading throughout the town. Recently a local man, Ian, who is also a volunteer at the FoodBank, popped into The Old Library to share with us a very special poem he'd written, inspired by intoBodmin and our work in The Old Library.

We are absolutely thrilled to have been the inspiration for something so creative and wonderful, and we'd love to share it with you.

This New Old Library Venture

This new old library venture

Is one we hope gives all of you pleasure

But like all ventures we need your aid

To ensure our plans are well laid.

For although we are happy to report

That we already have a lot of support

It does not cover all we need

If we are to make this venture succeed.

We hope therefore you do not think it funny

That we ask for your help with money,

So if you find a pound you do not need

Give it generously, help the venture succeed.

If you can find a little bit more

We will welcome it for sure,

But if all you have is time and skill

Maybe other tasks you could fulfil.

As we plan ahead for Christmas season

And beyond, it’s for a reason,

For we have plans that will promote this town

And make it one of renown.

That to do this here, we are allowed

Makes us all feel proud,

For we do not think it is too late

We can again make Bodmin great.

So back us now, do what you can,

Of this venture be a fan.

Give us money or give us time,

The final result will be sublime.