intoBodmin &  Hall for Cornwall
at The Old Library, Bodmin


What’s on offer:


Thursday 4th November 2021 at 7pm

A platform to try out new work or ideas in front of a supportive but critical audience. Continuing the success of our pre-pandemic and online Scratch events, this will be a space where artists can share their ideas with an audience who will help them with feedback on what they saw and what they took away from it.


There is a development fund from Hall for Cornwall available per performer/company to cover costs and expenses. Please state whether you would like to be considered for this in your proposal.


What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for performers or companies to come to The Old Library in Bodmin and share your work-in-progress or ideas. There are two hours to fill and you will have a maximum of 20 minutes. (So there will be a minimum of four acts.) You’ll need to let us know how much time you need and if there are more acts that want less time, we can fit more in.


The stage is 3m deep by 5m wide and there is minimum tech. We can provide a general wash with lights up and down and PA.


There is no specific genre or art form, we will accept proposals from theatre, comedy, spoken word, music and dance - NB: the stage isn’t particularly suitable for dance and it’s not an open-mic, so we’re less likely to accept proposals to just come and sing your songs.


What we want to know:

In your proposal please send us:

1.     Your name or the name of your company

2.     A short biog about your previous work/experience

3.     A rough idea of what you’d like to do/share

4.     A rough idea of how much time you’ll need

5.     Would you like to be considered for expenses costs from the HfC Development Fund?

6.     Contact details, website and anything else that might sell your proposal



DEADLINE: Monday 4th October

Submissions to or information from Kirsty Cotton:

Submissions to or information from Kirsty Cotton: