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Singing songs have been a way of bringing communities together for generations. The stories that make up our Cornish culture and identity have been passed down through songs that are popular to this day. In these extraordinary times, to come together and learn songs and sing them together is a big challenge, so we have teamed up with Daniel Woodfield to create a short series of tutorials to teach people the melody and harmonies of some of Cornwall’s most cherished folk songs. When this comes to an end and we’re allowed to socialise, we’ll meet up and sing the songs that we’ve learnt together.
You don’t need to have any experience to take part, just the willingness to learn.


Deadline 31st May 2020

Here's what to do:
  1. The tutorials for the song and buttons to the previous songs are above. There will be a new one added each week for the next four weeks. Have a listen to the intro video and decide which part you'd like to learn. The main melody (the tune you may recognise) is the easiest to learn. Then there are harmonies for higher voices and lower. If you play an instrument don’t be shy about adding that to the mix too!
  2. Use the videos, downloadable song sheets and/or notation to learn a part (you have two weeks before we need your recording).
  3. Before the deadline record yourself singing or playing the part - you'll need two devices, one to listen to the melody and another to record yourself. Ideally we'd like it as a video, but if you're not comfortable with than, then a voice recording will be fine.
  4. Send us your recording via WeTransfer using the email: projects@intobodmin.co.uk and we'll edit it all together to form the first virtual Kernow Bedroom Choir.
  5. Stay in touch by joining the Facebook page and group and when we can get the funding/project together, we will get you all together, when we're allowed, to sing the songs and perform them to others as a real life choir!
If you have any questions please email us or get in touch through the Facebook page/group.
We look forward to singing with you all!